Frequently Asked Questions About the FM Translator 1.  What is an FM Translator? The FM translator will rebroadcast the WYZD (1560am) signal on the FM band.  When the AM signs-off at night, the translator will continue to broadcast at night. 2.  Will you keep the AM Station (1560AM)? Yes.  Since the FM translator will rebroadcast the AM signal on the FM, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires us to continue to operate 1560am. 3.  What freqency will it be on? 95.9 FM 4.  How soon will it be before you get the FM translator up and running? After we raise sufficient funds, we can order the equipment and have the engineers install it. 5.  How far will it go out? It should go out a 15-mile radius from Dobson, NC. 
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